Monday, April 25, 2005

You Lying Sack of Shit

Oh it is on now! It is so on biatch. I will use every ounce of my unbelievably ripped physique to tear your body parts limb from limb. Then i am going to get you disbarred. Watch you back because Papa Burt is on a highway to hell. I will do things that make cannibals cringe. I will strike down hell fire upon you. I also put a curse on you that makes cheeseburgers taste like cold dog shit. How bout' them apples doc. P.S. The only real doc was from back to the future.


kevin said...

I'm waiting for the battle between Burt Destruction and Ninja Monkey. When is it going to happen and how can I get tickets?

ryanrowe said...

This blog is hilarious, keep it up. I cant wait for the Burt Destruction movie and album.

Stef. O said...

Two words "Anger Management."