Monday, April 04, 2005

Doesn't anybody like Burt

I went to could not attend my class last week and feel a little lonely. It looks as though old Burt has been left out of the reindeer games. My nose doesn't even fucking glow... yet. I have no partner to play a game I have no idea about. However, I have started a new game with myself called world domination. It is a game of relentous determination and it is called world domination. There are three steps to the game and they work this way.

1. Become Governor

2. Become President

3. Take Over!

Of course you may be thinking that this is no game at all, but some sick twisted joke. Well do I have some news for you. The game has already begun and I am in the lead.


jose guzman said...

Oh, Crap!

Mandy said...

Good Luck, you sick, twisted person... it's about time we get someone crazy in power!