Monday, March 14, 2005

The Games I Play(insert evil laugh)

I looked through all of the sites for games that you could control the character through the adventure. Although many of the comedy games were not that funny or fun, your friend Burt did like some of the sci fi adventure games. Yet, I began to tire of those as well, and began searching for a real challenge in the game of life. I found a site that offered a game where you told a real person what to do and based on that, they would suffer the real life consequences. On my computers video player I saw my human Gary. Gary had offered his services to the company because he "really needed that dough man." Whatever that meant I knew I had someone under my control and willing to risk it all for some cash. As the game began I had Gary inventory himself quite a few times, because I was under the sinking suspicion that Gary had a bit of a substance abuse problem. After finding out that he had the key to make it out of the maze we went to work. I made Gary run to each new destination at 100%(that's all I give, so should he). When he finally had made it to the end of the maze he was missing a hand and a large portion of his right thigh. Due to the waiver I signed I can no longer discuss the extent of Gary's horrific injuries. We were however, the first people to ever make it out of the maze. Gary lost a lot of blood, but I am sure that the two hundred dollars he won as a prize will cover the hospital bill. As for me, I'm taking and going to the amazon to hunt the most dangerous animal alive. MAN!!!!

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