Monday, March 07, 2005

Best Movie Ever?

The other night I got nostalgic with some of my Navy Seal buddies. It was during the Antonio Banderas number with Carlos Santana that Staff Seargent Jimenez aked what our favorite movies of all time were. I wanted to think about what choice others had before I blurted mine out. Dawson was partial to Bloodsport, and I found it hard not to agree with him. Jimenez waxed nostalgically about Starship Troopers and its poingnant scenes. I agreed with him. Not only is the score amazing but the killing, oh the killing, was killtastic. I finally was ready to give my choice. Neverending Story taught all of us to never give up and to fight for what was right. Even if it meant reading a book in the attic like a weiner. It still had a lot of great moments. And that flying dog thing does exist. I rode one in Thailand.

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Steve J said...

I agree that the first two Neverending Story movies are great. The third one blew chunks and they ruined the others by their need to make it a trilogy. Definately great, but I would say the greatest movie is Almost Famous. That movie never gets old.