Monday, July 21, 2008

I get my new Zubaz in the mail today

It is a magical day in the Destruction household for today is the day when my families’ Zubaz arrive. If I could describe today I would say that it is if someone had taken Kwanza, Christmas and Hanukah and wrapped them into one gigantic super holiday. That is how good I feel about these pants. And why not? Look at the beauty, the craftsmanship. You have to be careful walking down the street wearing these things because more than likely someone is going to try and rape you. I am not one to worry about such trivial things so I will be wearing these constantly. I won’t be just wearing them. I will be making them look good too. Dare I say better than a young Dan Marino.

I do dare, and I don’t even have the benefit of isotoners. Fuck you Dan and your non super bowl winning ass.

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Anonymous said...

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