Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scientists hard at work on sending Balloon Boys family into space

NASA scientists announced a plan this week to send the Heene family into space. The Heenes gained national recognition with a failed publicity stunt that involved one of the children and an experimental aircraft. The stunt did not deter NASA from exploring

“Our plan,” said chief NASA scientist Charles F. Poone, “is to take the aircraft design that the Heenes created and make one that actually works. Of course, we also plan on enlarging the craft so that the whole family can fit on board for this prestigious mission.”

Charges against the family have been dropped on the condition that they participate in the study. The Heenes have signed on and will begin preparations over the next three months.

Poone stated that the training will not be too rigorous as they have already been made aware of the families’ weak stomachs. They also want to make sure that the craft is built to NASA standards.

“What we want to do is create a craft that can safely send the entire family into space.”

When pressed about further plans to retrieve the family Poone was a bit perturbed.

“I don’t think you understand. The plan is to send the family into space. That’s it. Our greatest hope in that they go out into orbit and never return again. If the balloon pops on the way up, so be it.”

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Dr. Satisfaction said...

Great case study, its about time that NASA program accomplished something. Fuck the moon, start sending garbage like these tin cans to space!