Friday, January 29, 2010


If you are going to do one thing in life it arguably could be visiting the blog Selleck Waterfall Sandwich . This blog delivers exactly what it says it will with tremendous artistry and passion. I worked on my own little homage to the the concept as a tribute. However, I hardly do the medium any justice. Take some time for yourself today and get lost in a land of enchantment, wonder and mustaches.


Anonymous said...
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johnee said...


Aaron said...

Shawn: i mean, I love sandwiches,
waterfalls are pretty cool,
and Tom Selleck killed it in "Magnum PI" and "Folks"
but what are they all doing together?

me: why havent they been together forever?

Shawn: ooh, good question
they do make a tasty gumbo when mixed together

me: exactly

Anonymous said...

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