Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eagle Eye did it

My good friend Doug recently brought up the new Shia Lebouf movie that is soon to hit the theatres. Although it is not completely clear I believe that Eagle Eye is some sort of government entity that has access to any and all people and networks. Well the thing is that this Eagle Eye concept is real. Trust me I have spent enough time within the inner sanctums of our government to know that we have something like this and most of the time it is calling the shots. I have compiled a list of some of the things that Eagle Eye is responsible for and I thought that I would share it with you.

Eagle Eye told OJ to go steal his memorabilia from the vegas hotel room.

Eagle Eye is the reason that the Eagles split up and then got back together again.

Eagle Eye saw me watching porn this morning.

Eagle Eye sent those dirty pictures of you to all your friends email with the handcrafted note to each person that would make it seem like you are propositioning them for sex, which is pretty believable.

Eagle Eye is responsible for the peanut butter and jelly combo jar at the supermarket.

Eagle Eye is the one who destroyed your bathroom last weekend after eating all that BBQ food and then wouldn’t admit to it.

Eagle Eye used to be Edward James Olmos.

Eagle Eye is responsible for every major war and the new KFC snacker bowl.

Eagle Eye was the person that called you for like a week straight and just kept hanging up.

Eagle Eye is really being watched and controlled by Red Eye which is a giant butt hole in space.

What has Eagle Eye done to you?

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