Friday, September 25, 2009

Killing sharks for a week is not easy

I will be back in action next week where topics of discussion may include the placements of doilies in a living room setting, the benefits of cheese as lube, early French authors, and whether or not using saran wrap as a condom is an effective birth control method.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a topic of Forty Fucking Niners

richard said...

I have a better idea of what to do with your time:

1./ Grow UP!

2. No one is impressed with such a useless activity.. how hard is this?

They are USEFUL in nature, UNLIKE you... in fact, IF you really want to be famous... here is a hint:

Slice your wrists & dive in a LET YOUR CAMERAMEN PICK UP THE PHOTAGE...NOW THAT IS A SHOW, i WOULD watch, at least once... and hopefully the shark will not of your toxins! regards... am totally sick of fat white guys not wanting to be constructive with their God given lives... want to make a real difference..? Catch eatable fish (not shark!) and give them to the poor... adios