Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have to admit sometimes I feel like things happen for a reason, that somehow an invisible force is guiding me. Today was one of those days. I walked out of my office (not the bathroom) to head towards a lunch spot to get some soup. Only when I got to the store they only had cream of broccoli available (I hate broccoli as much as I love puppies, which is a lot). So I decided to go around the corner and find some soup with no broccoli in it. When I turn the corner I see that two men are having somewhat of an animated discussion in front of a parking car lot.

One of the gentlemen in question is walking his tiny fancy dog, has a bag of dog shit in his hand, and looks something like this;

The other gentleman is an employee of the garage and looks like he is trying to explain something to our fancy friend. When I walk by the conversation it becomes clear that the parking attendant does not want this man to throw dog shit in the trash can he is putting a new bag in. What I heard went something like this;

Douchebag: What do you mean I can’t put the trash in this garbage can? That is RIDICULOUS!!
Attendant: This is a private trash can for the lot. I was just moving it inside right now after I had changed it.

I am just getting out of earshot when I hear a loud “HEY!” I turn around to see that our douchie pal had decided that nobody is going to tell him where he can and can’t throw princesses doodies. I bet he didn’t expect that the attendant would take the shitbag from the trash and throw it on his fancy new clothes. So he returns fire with the bag. Then the attendant does. Then douchebag throws it again And then they got into what I can only describe as some sort of slap boxing/dance routine. I wish that I had it on video because it would have been the type of thing that holiday miracles are made of. Keep doing your job invisible voices, that made my day.

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