Friday, December 11, 2009


What could have possibly happened to make this cat so sad? I think that many would say it probably has something to do with that boring striped sweater he is wearing (stripes are out you know). I think that it is much deeper than that. There is a story here and I may just have the explanation.

In my mind this cat’s name is Buttons. He lives a comfortable life with his owners Stacy and Rob. Buttons likes to chase birds and take long naps. What he doesn’t like is having carrot cake on his birthday! I could just see the Buttons running to the table for his birthday dinner and instead of the chocolate ice cream cake, which he specifically had asked for, Rob blew the cake assignment on his way home from work and brought that abomination home with him. Way to go Rob! You ruined Buttons birthday.


kerty said...

FUCK YOU ROB!!! no one wants carrot cake on their birthday.

Anonymous said...

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