Sunday, February 27, 2005

Burt destruction...the beginning. Forward by Walter Mondale, Phd, DDS, RNN, CPA, MBA, EPA, FAA, CIA, CNN, Walmart

tonight i sat down gathered a thurst so grand, it rivaled the great wa-a-hoo-too famine of 1836, i was there. The day smelled of rosemary and ginger. Berthed from a texan bull, wrapped in barbed wire, burt destruction was shat into the world...Although not much is known about the birth of such a man, we can only speculate.
Common scholars agree, From then on, he accomplished, he learned, he danced his way into the heats of gouls and pixies alike. Upon applying the horns to the beast burt destruction turned to me and stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver, and then proceeded to tell me how weak i was. It was the phillips head that punctured my brain, burt toasted the loss of my eyeball with primal scream. And his annoucement of the supergroup Bon Springsteen.

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kevin said...

Burt Destruction siting:

I was at the Golden State Warriors game, minding my own business when a massive shadow engulfed the area around me. The linoleum shook as I cowered into a fetal position with one hand covering my eyes and the other gripping my beer. Once the trembling became silent and I found the courage to part my fingers and open one eye, I saw it standing there. It's eyes red with hunger. I noticed a deer head in one of it's hands and politely asked, "are you going to eat that here or at your seat?" The giant said that it all depended on if the Warriors were to be victors of the battle at hand. As he said this he raised his right hand and closed all of his fingers until only the most discourteous still remain standing. Then,he turned and left.
I didn't see him until later when he was on the freeway parting traffic in order to get through. Cheers to Burt Destruction for sparing my life.