Monday, February 21, 2005

Change is the spice of life...Or is it Cocaine

When I went through all the major media sites I noticed what I always do. I went to CNN, then I went to the Chronicle, then I explored other various media outlets that are commercial. Always the same sort of thing. The stories all seem to mirror eachother with the exception of a different analyst or perhaps an editorial piece by one of the writers or the editor. Of course, these sites do a good job of finding news stories that are newsworthy, but the independants focus can be much different. With many of the same news stories the independent media may look a at side to the story overlooked or underminded. They also report on news that you may not have heard. While comparing news stories I came across this one: Horses in Illinois are beginning to get drug tested for fear that they are using cocaine in order to get wired up before their races. Now if that is not news I don't know what is. In the wake of all this animal abuse it is a relevant and highly interesting story to me. I like the indy's because they offer a fresh look into our news and lives. If you want the best news coverage with the most intellectual topics please click HERE

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Michael Erwin said...


I didn't think it possible... but upon further research I find that horses on coke is actually a global phenomenon...

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... I present to you:

Mafia Horses on Blow