Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gang Violence Make Burt Mad

I recently took a trip down to Los Angeles. I wanted to wind down in a nice warm area that had horrible visibility, and pollution on par with Chernobl. I went down to the ocean near Venice and started to unpack my picnic of two t-bone steaks and a gallon of raw eggs. No sooner had I finished my first t-bone when I noticed a large group of men walking towards me. It just so happened it was the entire bloods gang. I later found out they were at the beach for family day. Family day indeed. They asked me for my wallet and my life. I wear no clothes at the beach so i did not have a wallet on me. The other request, for my life, I could not do because Burt Destruction will never die. I had to think quickly. The only thing I had to protect myself were my aqua socks I had recently purchased at K MART . I quickly fastened them together, with my own hair, and made a crude pair of nunchucks. I must have wiped out the entire gang. I felt bad so I bought all their families some ice cream on uncle Burt.

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jose guzman said...

I remember when I use to spend Summers in Venice at Grandparent's house, it was so easy to walk down the boardwalk... it was safe, and clean. Then the gangs moved in, and it felt like home instead of just a summer visit.