Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We'll get em next year

Remember that movie the Bad News Bears? The loveable tale of ragtag team of youngsters who go from the worst in the league to almost winning the championship. Yeah I do too. Unfortunately, that will be nothing like the San Francisco Giants this season. We will be staying at the bottom of the league this season regardless of what happens. I think the Giants would still be in last if they had Babe Ruth come back and sign a contract with them. All the teams in the national league west could die in a horrific four plane pileup and the Giants would still finish in last place. Jesus Christ himself could become the cleanup hitter and they would still be in the cellar. I guess what I am trying to say is that tickets are going to be pretty cheap this season. That, and I am going to be betting a lot on the Giants to lose. I figure that I might as well make some money while I have to sit through this season. I am a glass half full type of person.

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joel said...

I believe the baseball gods will strike down the weak and bring their old withering asses to their knees. This team doesn't deserve to dawn the same uniform as SF greats Will the Thrill Clark, Matt Williams, Kurt Manwearing, Robby Thompson and the rest of the '89 Giants.
Despicable!!! Watch out Brian Sabean, dont be surprised if you wake up with Rich Aurilia's bloody head under your silk sheets in the morning.