Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blatant false advertising

The other day I went to the movies and was ripped off. In the hopes of not being a spoiler I wanted to let you know that in no way is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 a porno. One can be easily deceived by its poster which shows four young women touching, hugging and giggling with one another. Well, at least I was. Another thing that led me to think that this would be a highly erotic movie is that it is about “traveling pants.” I don’t know what that means but that wording coupled with the poster led me to believe that this would at least be a really good girl on girl film. Instead, I was given a movie about friendship and how growing up can affect those friendships. Boring! The whole time I was waiting for a random pizza man or plumber to come into the scene. I kept waiting for some huge dildo to be “accidently” left at the dinner table. There isn’t even nudity!!!
What I have realized since this movie is that I am not as quick as I once was. In my older age I have developed a hubris that seems to think I will always be right. Well, I have learned a valuable lesson about going to movies without checking the review. I have also learned that I need to stick to the internet for porn. I want my $8.50 back.

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