Monday, August 18, 2008

You want to impress me motherfucker?...Take the wheel

Much has been made recently of Michael Phelps and his “unbelievable” dominance in the summer Olympics for which he has been rewarded with 8 Gold medals. This feat has led him to become the all time leader in gold medals for anyone that has participated in the Olympics. It is safe to say that this is an amazing accomplishment, but where do you go from here? What is the next step to continue the legend that is Phelps? For one thing I can tell you that it is not going to be in a pool. You see, he has reached the mountain top. He has proved to the world that he is the greatest. The only thing that he can do in the next Olympics is match the feat and perhaps add to his already amazing total of gold medals. Basically, he needs to find a way to stay relevant outside of the pool. That’s were one of his Olympic brethren is going to act as the model for which he must follow. Of course, I am talking about my main man Carl Lewis.
Carl Lewis was one of the most amazing athletes of all time, a force within the world of track and field. Yet, Carl was not a one trick pony. He knew that there was life after sport and he focused on finding exactly what that was. What Carl found is that he is also one of the greatest musical performers of all time. This music video is what, for me, only increased the legend that is Carl Lewis.

Now if Michael Phelps can make a video that is better than this I will anoint him god of Olympia. Until that happens I am not impressed.

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