Monday, October 27, 2008

My belt broke this weekend

No, it wasn’t because I am too fat. The belt just broke because of horrible craftsmanship. At first I thought it may have broken due to my Herculean strength but then I studied the belt and noticed the poor use of epoxy on the belts attachment. I guess I am not really going anywhere with this post other than to say that belts are pretty important, and besides suspenders they are really one of the only devices that holds peoples pants up. I don’t consider shoelaces an acceptable belt, it moves around way too much. That’s why this whole incident got me using my thinking box. Since suspender should only be worn by gigantic fat men, stylish gay newspaper editors and butlers I am not able to wear such a pants holding device. That is why I am going to come up with something better than a belt, something much better than suspenders. I think I am going to have magnets implanted in my skin and sewn into every pair of pants and shorts that I have. Take that belt industry!!!

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