Friday, October 03, 2008

My brain hurt

If you didn’t know HSM3 is coming out pretty soon. If you didn’t know that, you probably also didn’t know that HSM3 is High School Musical 3, Disney’s extremely successful movie series. I have happened to catch a few of the previews on TV and I have to tell you I am extremely confused as to what this movie is about. Now what I am about to say may surprise you, but I have yet to catch either HSM or HSM2. Obviously, this is a movie with a lot of singing and dancing, but what else is it about? Well if I was to explain it simply based on the trailers I have seen, here are a few predictions that I have for this movie;

The one girl with the big nose is a real jerk and she wants the spotlight to be on her. She will eventually learn the lesson of being a team player and in the end have an emotional breakthrough with the group. Emotional breakthrough = gangbang.

At some point a basketball game will be interrupted by an impromptu dance routine. The dancing will help the team to focus and they will win the game. They will most likely be playing a school for the deaf and blind.

For some reason something will happen between the male and female leads that makes them question their relationship. I expect it’s probably because they are seniors in high school and they haven’t bumped uglies yet.

The black guy will have a really cool catch phrase.

The unpopular kids at school will have a crazy liquor fueled sex party. There will be no singing or dancing at this party, because popular people don’t do that kind of stuff.

At some point there is going to have to be some sort of final dance where they all sing together before deciding which one of the non believers must be sacrificed to appease the God Zuel. It’s a metaphor for going off to college.

I know the basketball scene is kind of a stretch, but I am just going off of what the commercials show me.

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Poon, i think i will be the only one to get your Ghostbusters reference in there. I'm still laughing.