Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Do you hate Wednesday too?

Hump Day my ass! Right? Am I right or what? As referenced by the post below and the old picture above there is little love lost between myself and Wednesday. I find it to be a day that brings little to the table. It's kind of like the person that comes to a party and sits by the dip the whole time leering at people explaining why they don't drink because of the carbs. It's a lot like that game Crossfire or condoms, it's useless. That is why I implore all 8 people who read this blog to send me their own interpretation on days of the week and how they feel about them. If you are feeling artistic or feeling yourself why not try to send something over to Basically, if you submit anything it is going up on the site. Well, anything except for cock pics. Let's try to save those for craigslist.

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