Monday, November 24, 2008

Newsflash: People care about Swayze

I just thought I would share some interesting comments about the Patrick Swayze post that I received on Friday. Each comment was interesting in its own right. The first response was lighthearted and it also included this photo;

the fact that you were actually watching roadhouse shows that you are really in love with the dirty dancer.

c'mon admit it - it's ok

I liked this response. I thought that it made a lot of sense. Maybe I am in love with Patrick and I just don’t have the emotional maturity to admit it.

The second response I received was definitely someone from the Swayze fan club(SWAYZIACS?). This person dropped a little bit of knowledge and a threat to go with it;

Doubt it, pal! Patrick Swayze is a legit "black sash" in tai chi. His mother thought it would be a good idea to sign him up for martial arts as a child because he was a dancer and was teased and picked on quite a bit. As far as the scenario you put forth, if you pull out a switchblade in a club you deserve a severe ass wuppin' no question, "ogling some dancing floozy and then this guy who is about 5’2” with a gigantic feathered mane of hair comes up and tells you to knock it off. What the fuck? Of course I am going to pull out a weapon and tell this guy to piss off" and of course you should not be suprised when you get hurled out of that bar like a frisbee either for being an asshole.

I am not sure if this person is joking or not, but they definitely know their Swayze. I had no idea he participated in some fruity martial art that I have never heard of. You learn something new every day.

The final message I received really has me thinking. If anyone can explain to me what this means I will give you a cookie.

Go back go sucking dicks in prison, you lying shit eater.

Sure….sounds good?

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