Friday, November 14, 2008

A small dream

Over this past week I have taken some time to look at our recent election and to think about the results of some of the propositions that were on the bill. I don’t want to get into a political discussion but I am disappointed and saddened to see that proposition 8 had passed and I am not sure if it was a good or bad thing that the prostitution proposition didn’t. Do we want prostitutes roaming the streets without fear of retribution for the sale of sex? That would depend entirely on how I was feeling at that time, but for the most part it is probably a good idea that we didn’t pass that one. Sooner or later it would be like that place in the movie Sin City where hookers run the streets and deliver their own sexy brand of street justice. That is beside the point though. The proposition outcome that intrigued me the most was whether or not to name the waste management plant after W.
Allow me to clarify for a moment. This proposition did not intrigue me because I wanted to see ole’ W embarrassed or vindicated by the results of this vote or that I thought it was an important issue. I really could give a shit. What piqued my interest is that someone could easily put this up for a vote. It amazed me that someone could get this measure on the ballot. It seems almost silly. At the same time it looks like a golden opportunity for yours truly. I want that Waste Disposal plant named after me.
Now I may not be a former president of the United States or owner of the Texas Rangers but I have done some pretty sweet stuff in my day. There are countless adventures and world records that I could use to bolster my resume for this honor. The people who came up with this proposition obviously wanted to name it after W. as an insult for the ineptitude that is often discussed about his presidency. For me, it would be a tremendous honor to have anything named after myself even if it is a waste disposal plant. I can see it now.

Now here’s the plan. I am sure that somebody out there has the experience needed to get the ball rolling on this thing (I am looking at you Ronnie). Let’s get a grass roots campaign going for yours truly. Once it is on the ballot there is no way I am going to lose this thing. So please, any help would be awesome. I have one small dream. Let’s try to make it a reality.

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