Friday, June 05, 2009

Question for a Friday

If you had to torture someone with one song on repeat which song would it be? I will start the discussion with my pick.

This song on repeat would be a tough one to take. Besides the synthesized beats and horrible "rapping" you have to contend with that woman shrieking about dancing now. I think this song would take me to the limit. Top that genius.


AL: ONION said...

Coco Jumbo by Mister President would first excite the terrorists, and then after the 8th hour of "oy yoy yoy Coco Jumbo" the brains would be melted and terror cell information will drain into our info pots.

"put me up, put me down, put my feet back on the ground, lift me high and make me happy! Oy yoy yoy Coco Jumbo - hey heyooooo"

the lyrics enough are good to confuse, does this person want to be in the sky or the ground? Very conflicting signals. Tis a riddle that will surely make madmen very mad - and confused. Terrorists hate that shit, and in this moment of anger they get careless and...oila! I done found yo' cave BIATCH!

Andy said...

I kissed a girl and I like it. I don't even know the dumb cunt's name, but I would eat a bullet after 2 hours of repeat.

chuck said...

cotton-eyed joe and no explanation is needed