Friday, June 19, 2009

Trash Can Lawyer

The gentleman nestled in the trash can above is Larry (“Big L”?) Wilder. He is a lawyer in the great state of Indiana, and I am guessing, the owner of an amazing hangover this past Wednesday morning. It seems as if Big L had one too many on Tuesday night and didn’t quite make it into the house. Like Han Solo cutting open the Tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back he did what he could to survive the harsh cold of the night. Hey Big L, how did you get so drunk?

Wilder says he was with friends for dinner and drinks in nearby Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday night but was driven home in a client's limousine and remembers little of what happened after that. A neighbor found Wilder in the trash can early Wednesday and called police, who helped Wilder home.

Why do people always have the craziest blackout experiences when they just went out for dinner and drinks? I have ended up in some interesting places in my lifetime after a night of drinking, and it may have started with dinner and drinks, but it sure didn’t end that way. I have a feeling there may be a hole in his story. He may be drunk with that explanation but not trash can drunk.

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