Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's About Time!

Looks like someone out there in this great country of ours took enough time to pull their thumb out of their ass and invent something relevant. For too long we have waited for an invention like this. I am not talking about a weapon to defeat the terrorists (I say we kill them…with kindness ;) ) or some sort of deadly pathogen to kill people who want to be on reality television (game shows not included, I love me some Price is Right like a motherfugum). No, I am talking about David Burke and his spray on diet. Yes, you read that right, now say it with me. Spray. On. Diet.

I want to thank David for his ingenuity. Why? Because we are a country built on obesity (we have the gold metal winners of fatass). If these sprays could make more people eat salad and vegtables by making them taste like mangos and pesto then mission accomplished. Some might say that we need to resolve the conflict with North Korea or perhaps find a way to stop Oprah. I say that we focus on making more spray able flavor. MOTHER FUCKING SMOKED BACON SPRAY BITCH!!!


Robert said...

Freaking genius.

flynn said...

Mangos and pesto? It's as genius as Baconnaise! As incredible as Baconnaise light!