Thursday, July 16, 2009

When are they going to release House Party 5?

I feel that the character development from the first four House Party movies didn’t give us enough time to fully understand the depth of Kid N Play. Their unique blend of comedy and fresh hip hop molded an entire generation. Not only did they teach us to throw a dope ass pajama jammy jam but they also showed us what it takes to be real with the ladies (oh Play, when will you ever learn to treat the ladies with respect like Kid!).

All I am saying is there has to someone out there who can produce this film with the same originality and honest eye that were evidenced in the first 4 films. I think that it might be time to get a petition going in order to make my dream a reality. Of course, we are first going to need to get KnP on board, but I think once we have them all the other pieces will fall into place. If not, maybe we could at least look at doing a sequel for Class Act.

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flynn said...

When did they make a House Party 4?