Thursday, July 02, 2009

No more dead people rumors

This past week a lot of people died. A lot of people die every week but this past week was “special” because some of those people who kicked the bucket were celebrities. Due to that we are subjected to many columns and tributes to the careers of each of these people. It is a fairly standard procedure that people have always done when someone who was in the public eye passes away. The funniest thing about this past week (besides the fact that all of the celebrities passed away in order of relevancy) is that rumors started to pop up that Jeff Goldblum had passed away as well. Well he didn’t, but a lot of people were convinced he did. I see this on craigslist all the time;

Patrick Swayze loses battle with cancer

Liza Minelli found dead, likely due to overdose

Paris Hilton torn apart by pack of wild dogs

Sometimes I want to believe that these stories are true, I really do. However, in my heart of hearts I know that this is just a ruse. It still fascinates me that Jeff Goldblum did interviews on TV to let people know he wasn’t dead after all. This got me thinking. Why do people always write rumors about people dying? We should start doing rumors about people coming back to life. I think that would be much more fun and creepy. Did you hear that the corpse of Sammy Davis Jr has reanimated and is looking for his lost glass eye? CNN is reporting that TMZ is confirming that story right now.

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