Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Leave it to that knucklehead Garfield to sum up all my feelings about Wednesday in one poignant picture. Just look at him! I bet he woke up in the morning and put on those workout clothes ready to conquer the day. Then he probably realized that it was Wednesday. Now, I am not sure that animated cats can read calendars, but I bet once Garfield realized it was Wednesday he headed straight for the kitchen for some of John Arbuckle's lasagna. Why would he give any effort on the worst day of the week? He may be a fat and lazy fuck, but I agree with him completely.


Anonymous said...

I happen to like Wednesdays. Maybe that's
because I actually work. If you worked you
to would like & appreciate Wednesdays for
what they are. The work week is just about
over, it's closer to Thursday, which means ladies
night at the local tavern and it's hump day. Do you
have something against humping? If you worked,
you would hate Mondays . Hangovers, back
to work, pay check already all spent on the
pole dancer. The only reason they have football
on Monday nights is so that we have a actual
reward of not killing ourselves. I think you had
best change your ways in regards to wednesdays
or at least tell me what your issue with it is, & don't
tell me that you were born on Wednesday & are therefore
full of woe. You really should put wednesday to a
vote & let America decide. I vote for Monday
as the worse day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and of course Garfield can read calendars!
He has been on more of them then Farrah Fawcet
you dim wad.