Monday, November 16, 2009


I wish that I could go back in time and spend the hour that I wasted on this show yesterday doing something much more productive, like watching paint dry. It’s not that the show doesn’t have its moments. All of the women on the show have their own unique form of crazy and I guess that is kind of interesting. There is the girl who used to be fat, the girl who wants to get married at all costs, and of course a nice little sprinkling of gold diggers (always after me lucky charms I tells ya). The thing that gets my goat about this show, and many other ones for that matter, are the obvious plans that some off these people have to become “reality famous.” It is only a matter of time until these ladies try to out-crazy one another for the title. Right now my money is on this lady;

Her name is Rocky and she considers herself to be a rocker, artist and tequila drinker. It just so happens that she has 10 songs written for a yet to be published album and she can rap too! With all that talent it’s a wonder why she would go on a reality show to find love. If this lady somehow finagles stardom out this show I will eat my own hat.

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