Thursday, November 19, 2009


A story making its way around the interwebs this week involves a father who took his 11 year old son to Hooters after a football game. The father’s plan was to see how his son reacted and gauge whether or not it was time to talk about the birds and bees. The World’s Number One Dad (I am sure he has the Tshirt) has now come under fire from others who find it to be bad parenting. The most common complaint is that you are teaching a child to objectify women at a very young age. While I completely agree with this assessment, it is not the reason why I disapprove of a man taking his son to Hooters. I find fault in his parenting because Hooters food is fucking terrible. How are you going to subject your son to something like that? Do you want him to move out at 18 and never look back? Well, that’s what is going to happen if you keep this shit up pops. The nuclear diarrhea that one gets from ingesting any type of Hooters entrĂ©e could tear assholes and families apart. If you want to see where your son is at in regards to the ladies leave a dirty magazine out and see if he takes the bait. But for the love of sweet baby Jebus do not subject him to those wings.

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