Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I know that I give you a hard time Wednesday. In fact I hate you stupid guts, but this is the time of year to be thankful for everything that we have in life. Yes, even monster sized dongbags like yourself. That's why I would like you to join me for Thanksgiving dinner. We will drown ourselves in old fashioned's and then get high to the bejesus on tryptophan. Perhaps after dinner we could have a cigar or a puff from my ceremonial peace pipe. All in all it will be a wonderful celebration. I promise that I will be a gentleman and that no harm will come your way. Unless you consider Aunt Flo's Ambrosia salad torture(lol). See you there you dirty motherfucking asshole.

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AL ONION said...

I really hope this is actually an old fashioned game of thanksgiving turkey and cornhusk, where turkey goes for a husk-niblet and then BAM - off with the gobbler! Why? Well wednesday doesn't deserve your fine holiday offerings, even if the invitation includes insulting words. And on another note, why did you let that anonymous rabble rouser supporting wednesdays a couple weeks ago off the hoof? Stamp 'em Burt! Here, let me try, hey anonymous jerk you insinuate that burt doesn't work...while this very site is a body of work that is done on top of work and working out the body. Now that's work, am I right? Also thanks for the newsflash bitchtits, no one likes mondays, its a goddamn given. You must work as a reporter guy or something and you don't even have a name, take that!wow, that felt good. Anyways I'd like to see ol wednesday and his pervert lover get served next week. Happy Thanksgiving