Thursday, November 05, 2009

Knife Bird vs. Erotic Falconry

This first picture was sent to me by my friend Nad via the site for Unreality Magazine . This picture is not short on awesomeness. It also helps that Nad had this to say about it;

that eagle loves freedom and will stab you if you dont love it as much as he does

Truer words have never been spoken.

Then we have this photo...

It is from Erotic Falconry . There are many others on the site but this one sings to my heart. I imagine that if this falcon could talk he would be saying "BOOYEAH!"

To me, there is no clear winner. Both photos have a unique point of expression, but if either of these birds were wearing sunglasses we would have a winner.

If you think you can find a better picture of birds (WITH SUNGLASSES?!?!?) than these please send them my way. Or don't, its not like I give a shit.

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