Thursday, November 12, 2009


Corky gets lost and wanders around the mean streets of Chicago. He meets a kindhearted, young hooker who gives him his first sexual experience-essentially a few long kisses. (The episode is intentionally vague over whether they went further.) Corky is shadowed (and mystically guided) throughout the evening by a semi-mythic blues singer, the great Leon Redbone. Becca and Tyler spend a rainy, frustrated evening driving around Chicago looking for Corky, and end up smooching in the car. This episode was filmed mostly in black and white.


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Anonymous said...

Okay, this one has really thrown me for a loop.
I mean your posts just aren't mushy, kind hearted
stuff. Were you having a hang over from Wednesday ?
Cause this post doesn't sound right. Did someone
take your place today? Like maybe some woman?
This can't be Mr. Destruction posting this. Say it ain't so