Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Lakers lost

Well it is finally nice to see that Kevin Garnett has won an NBA championship. He already had built an impressive career that was sure to be recognized by the hall of fame when it is complete. This championship is just a positive note to add to an already illustrious career. Congratulations.

Now that I am done swinging on K.G.’s nuts I would like to get down to what really made me happy yesterday evening. My heart was aflutter as I watched the Lakers’ players sit through the second half of what looked like a high school basketball game. A high school basketball game that would be on par with a team full of blue chip division 1 recruits versus the school for the blind. Now I have nothing against blind people, I am blind in my left eye from a knife fight I had when I was in the shit. I have a problem with the Lakers and the fans of the team in general. As you can imagine last night was a wonderful experience for me. I felt like I was given a basket filled with puppies that piss whiskey and crap weed. It was just a wonderful experience to behold. Yet, there was one thing that I think made this victory a bit sour for me, that the Celtics didn’t clinch the victory in L.A.

It would have been wonderful to see all the fan reaction when the air was sucked out of the Lakers season. Would Justin Timberlake (I call him JT) have run onto the court to celebrate with the Celtics after they won, even though he was there to support the Lakers? You bet he would. Would Will Smith have abandoned Jada to give reverse HJ’s to Sam Cassell? For sure! It is because people in LA are into trends and when a new trend hits they jump off that sinking ship, and fast. So now that the Lakers season has ended and we all have to sit through their explanations of how they lost this championship that so many said they would win, I wonder what the next big thing will be. I am going to go out on a limb and say that is has something to do with hammer pants or movies based on gay robots.

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Dr. Satisfaction said...

Reverse HJs....ingenious. I heard theyre handing these out at City Hall all week!