Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sometimes I wonder if heaven got a ghetto

Just the other day I was listening to the song by 2PAC and it got me thinking? Does heaven really got a ghetto? If most popular theories are true, heaven is a magical land where all of one’s wildest dreams can come true, a land of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I think that 2PAC was merely asking whether or not there would be a place for his lifestyle in heaven. My question is can heaven handle the type of ill shit that I would like in my personal heaven? I am not going to sit here and describe what my personal heaven is like to the rest of you. Frankly, because I think that my heaven is way too sexy and awesome for most people to handle. If my heaven was described to people their heads would explode and the world itself would detach from its gravitational pull hurtling the rest of society towards a final collision with the Sun or Mars (not sure). I am not saying that you couldn’t have an equally awesome and sexy heaven. I am just saying that it probably isn’t likely. Please feel free to try and describe what you think would be the greatest version of heaven but remember head explosions and the sun.


AL ONION said...

You and Tupac should know that there are metal detectors at the gates of heaven.

joel said...

Platinum spinners, banannas, and roller blades yo!! Heavan to me is a place where there is no babies, no aids, and I could do it to Jacky-O and Marylin M while reading sports illustrated on the pot.

B Pritchard said...

In my heaven I am the only regular man existing in a world filled with nothing but hot latina women and oompa loompas. They all worship me and take turns feeding me nachos. I have no house but I live on a giant floating recliner that I can drive wherever I want. My only goal is to impregnate as many of the women as i possibly can hoping that one will come out with red hair.