Thursday, June 26, 2008

Predator for President

Yesterday an article was written about Sonny Landham and his bid to become elected to the Senate. What makes this interesting is that Sonny Landham played Billy in perhaps one of the greatest films in modern history, Predator. He follows a long line of actors from the film that made eventual forays into the world of politics. There is the “Gubernator” Arnold Schwartzenegger, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and “Action Jackson” himself Carl Weathers. I don’t think it is much of a stretch to imagine Sonny making it into the Senate based on the track records of his Predator compatriots. I think it would be great if that happened because it is inevitable that once he gets in the Predator has to run for president. It would be embarrassing if he didn’t.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Predator would make a wonderful president. Yes, I do realize that race would be a big factor in the election but I think that the other things that he brings to the table would make that a non factor. For one, he is a lethal killing machine from another world (citizenship could be an issue). Do you think for one minute that Predator is going to go to a peace summit? Nope, things will just go how he says. As my pal HAMilton would say, “big shit poppin, little shit stoppin!” Secondly, he would save us tons of money that the president routinely gobbles up. Think about it. Secret Service would be gone. Why? Because he can turn invisible any time he wants and he has a gigantic gun on his shoulder. Air force one? Oh you can junk that thing, he has his own SPACESHIP! Finally, this guy has hunted the most horrific and vicious creatures in the galaxy so dealing with politicians on a daily basis should be a snap.

Right now there is not much time to announce his candidacy so I have to believe he is waiting to see how Sonny fairs in the upcoming election. My feeling is that he will wait until the next presidential election to throw his name into the cap. That, or he stages a hostile takeover whenever he feels like it. I would lean more towards the later.

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