Friday, January 23, 2009

Damn I love Friday

To show Friday how much it means to me I would like to write it a real sexy R and B jam sung by a group like Boyz II Men. You know it would start off real slow with maybe some synchronized thumb snapping. Then in comes a little piano a lot of base and a tiny bit of drums to start that slow sexy beat. The kind of music you make babies in the rain to. Anyways, you get the group to start humming in the background and you have the short fat guy in the group with glasses start laying down verbal sex. You know it’s kind of like he is telling a story about how he did Friday wrong and that he now realizes the error of his ways. Then it’s back up to a chorus with all the guys singing again. They all sing together and maybe awkward skinny guy taking it to some high notes with unintelligible jargon that sounds real dirty. Something like;


After that comes the most important part to the song. This is when the quiet guy with the super deep voice comes in and just talks for a minute of song time while everybody claps their hands. He doesn’t really talk about anything in particular. Rather he just hypnotizes you with the depth of his voice and the constant use of the phrases “you know it’s true girl” and “take a moment to see what I am feeling.” After that you bring it back up for one more chorus and have the awkward guy take it to crazy heights and then fade out the same way you came in. BAM. Friday’s all moist and I just won a grammy.

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