Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There is a new sheriff in town

One of the companies that I work for was nice enough to take some time off from firing people and cutting costs to allow the employees to watch Obama’s inauguration. I have to say that it was a very moving moment for both America and humanity in general. I think that we are looking at a bright new future with this man as our leader. That being said, I definitely had some thoughts come into my head as I watched our 44th president deliver his speech.

Yo-Yo Ma. Seriously? You could have any band in the world come and play and you pick Yo-Yo Ma. I am not debating this man’s musical talent but if I had a choice I would have had Kool and the Gang come down and play “Celebration.”

Where is Guliani’s kid when you need him? You have a lot to learn Sasha and Malia Obama.

No reaction shots of Dubya? I just was waiting for them to swing the camera by him and he is playing a gameboy or wearing the glasses with open eyes drawn on them.

Fireworks. When I become president there are going to be a shitload of fireworks.

George Bush 1.0. Did you see him wearing the fur trapper hat? What the hell does he have under that thing anyways? I am sure that it was some gift from Gorbachev back in the 80’s but still a little too much. I would imagine that people with that type of money take their brain in to get it rewired once a year and the hat is a good way of concealing the scars.

It didn’t look like there were many snacks out there in the audience.

All in all it was a momentous event and I look forward to seeing Obama fulfill his duty as our president.

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