Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Breaking Speidi News!!!! OMG !!!!

Recently, there has been some talk about Heidi, from MTV’s show The Hills, might expose her nekkid body in an upcoming issue of Playboy. I am here to tell you that this story is a complete fabrication and in no way is close to happening. That is because both Heidi and Spencer have been contracted for a snuff film. It’s called Something That Everybody Wants and it is set to start filming a few weeks from now. It is going to be shot on one hand held camera and both of the “reality stars” have “decided” to do the movie for free. Of course, they will both deny that they know nothing about it so please don’t try to bring it up. Did I mention that I will be directing and that I have never spoken with either of them? Yeah, that could be a production setback.

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Fucking YES