Thursday, May 07, 2009

tsk tsk Manny Ramirez

"This is how big the hole is. You know, the hole were I fucked the dodgers in their stupid asses."


Anonymous said...

This is just Manny being Manny, or maybe better yet, Manny being Barry Bonds.


jtuel said...

25 million a year to miss almost a third of the season, I love it. Thank you man ram, I cannot wait to see the dodgers slip out of first place

Dr. Satisfaction said...

Manny...How do my ASS taste? And you know what, fuck all those Mass-hole Red Sox fans who have been ripping Bonds for years, here's a big dump on your dinner red sox fans. Oh and also fuck the Dodgers.

flynn said...

RIGHT ON Dr. Satisfaction! Sure is funny how the man was Crucified when all along he was paying for every other great players sins as well. I used to think that Barry was a baseball GOD. But now its plain to see...the man was clearly JESUS.

So yeah, fuck a dodger... and dump on their dinner.
Let's make a run GIANTS!

Anonymous said...

Finally the A's have a chance!

Ricky Slade said...

First things first...I am a Giant's Fan thru and thru...However I kind of feel like this was an honest mistake by Manny...I mean if you're willing to let the rest of the world know you have Erectile Disfunction you must be telling the truth.

Secondly...Barry is the and always will be "The Man"...I don't care what those tools who wrote game of shadows say or the Bud Bullshit Selig! Barry brought me years of joy at ATT Park and he demands respect. Everyone was juicing back then so you could argue the playing field was pretty even...moreover I like baseball better when players were roiding...Chicks dig the long ball!