Friday, May 29, 2009

A question on a friday

Friday is a day for people to find as many things as they can on the interwebs to make the day somewhat bearable until that first Tom Collins. In that same vain I would like to propose a thought provoking question. If pizza and fried chicken had to fight in a cage match to the death, who would win?


Fans of Face said...

really it all depends on what kind of pizza we are talking about. Deep Dish? Thin Crust? Meat lovers? Lets get serious, a sheet pizza of meat lovers pie would take down a bucket of KFC like it was nobody's bidness.

On the otherhand, you throw a little thin crust little bitch in there and that fried chicken would bitch slap the shit out of it.

Please be more clear before i can make an honest assessment.


AL ONION said...

ooh - excellent question Burt. I think it would be a fight till death. But, pizza is slippery with that melted cheese and pepperoni grease. I don't think the crispy chicken fingers could get a grip on the sassy sliceman.

If pizza is a large slice with anchovies, he could potentially sufficate a drumstick with steamy fish breath....but if its a thigh or a breastie, all bets are off - pizza would have to rethink its strategy.

i do know, that whoever does win....the award ceremony will be in my belly BOO YAH