Thursday, May 28, 2009

An insightful argument on John and Kate Plus Eight

I have been reading a lot of stories this past week on John and Kate Plus Eight and the current controversies that surround the show. It appears that John and Kate have both been accused of cheating on one another as well as exploiting their children for financial gain when their marriage is falling into shambles. Honestly, I really don’t have an opinion on this whole issue one way or another. I do, however, have an opinion when I pretend that I am a guido wannabe Mafioso douche from Jersey. Here is my/his opinion;

HEyyyyyyyyyy YOOOO (grabs crotch) Woah woah woah there cool your jets America! Youse acting like this is some kind of fucking idiot ova here. So what if jonny boy wants to dip his wick at another candle factory one in a whiles. He ain’t hurting nobody. Can you friggin imagine the vaj on that broad!?!?! That is one muscle you can’t work out. It ain’t like my shoulders or the triceps. Which look dope right now. Scotty D put me on a new workout schedule and I am in my second cycle of steroids. BOOYEAH (grabs crotch and moves it around in a clockwise rotation while flicking his toungue out) Futhamoe, its sounds like she is skanking her self out two. SLUT! How could she do that to her children? Fuck that shit (opens up overpriced bottle of vodka). Look I gotta go because I have the second bounce shift at TJ O’Titties but I will be glad to give these fucking people a talking to. God Bless America. Neva forget 9/11.

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