Monday, May 04, 2009

BM Sharts Memorial Golf Tournament

This Sunday I was invited to the first annual BM Sharts Memorial Golf Tournament. When you talk about an event that defines classy this would be just short of it. Many perennial blowhards were taking time off from their normal Sunday plans of avoiding their wives and household responsibilities to hit golf balls into the woods. Indeed, some of the greatest players of their own generations were there. Bubba, Madge, Bellbottom Shit Pants and many more dropped their names in the hat to win the elusive crown. It truly was a day of nerves, beer, and more stories about pooping one’s pants than could possibly be normal. While I can not claim victory, the day in and of itself was a tremendous accomplishment. Not for golf, but for no one having a mental breakdown or crapping their pants. I plan to return next year with a renewed level of commitment, a bowl of stockpot chili, and a box of adult depends.

Bullshit that is SHIT! – Bubba to Bellbottom Shit Pants in San Diego Circa 1980


chuck said...

25 million a year to miss almost a third of the season, I love it. Thank you man ram, I cannot wait to see the dodgers slip out of first place

chuck said...

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