Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time to relax and slip into a Ballcuzzi

I don't know if many of you noble people out there have ever been involved in the giving or receiving of a ballcuzzi, but it is something you must do in your lifetime. Have you ever had a tough day at the office and need a little something extra to unwind? I am not talking about vicodin or horse tranquilizers. No, I am talking about the simple pleasures of a Ballcuzzi. Urban Dictionary defines it thusly;


Place your nuts in a bowl of warm water. Then have a girl put a straw into the bowl and blow bubbles under your balls. Rubber ducky is optional of course.

This is the perfect definition for the Ballcuzzi. Already feel relaxed just thinking about it don't you? Well, it made me think about being relaxed too. It also made me think of something else. Look for news in the upcoming week on a new business plan from your old perverted pal Burt.


Anonymous said...

When I was stationed in Germany for the USArmy after a hard day of pounding the pavement we would go to this special house that had bowls of warm beer (germs like their beer room temp) on the floor where we would squat over the bowls and let our balls hang out into the warm beer. Those not lucky enough to have hangers had to sit which became uncomfortable and left a rim mark on your behind. German busty lasses would come by with pink straws wearing nothing but lederhosen and blow tantalizing bubbles into the bowls. Ahh the mammories. Please excuse me why I hunt around in the back of my sedan for some warm beer....

chuck said...

I may be wrong, but I thought the ballcuzzi had to be done with a drink that bubbles like champagne or club soda. Anyway you look at it ballcuzzis are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Balcuzzi's saved my life in Nam...those Saigon Whores blowing bubbles under my sack were the only thing that kept my mind of Charlie when I was in the ShiT!!! Seriously though, I can not think of anything more relaxing than a ballcuzzi done right...only the ballsteam is a close second...have your girl drink a nice warm cup of tea before bed, then place your balls in her mouth as you would a tea bag to a hot cup of's a revelation.

-Ricky Slade