Thursday, April 16, 2009


High atop the cliffs nestled within the clouds, lies a place where the gods of pickup basketball created the most worthy of courts. Play here and you shall forever have you name etched in the hall of legends.

Unfortunately, I can not and will not divulge the location of this divine hall of sport. The only thing that I could do was post this gorgeous interpretation of its splendor made by my close friend Big Ed (AKA: longshaft, AKA: Turkey Leg). Who is the person taking the shot you might ask? Could it be Burt? Nope, it’s a guy named John who works in sales.

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AL ONION said...

Twas 535 in the pm when i summitted hoops mountain. after the treacherous climb, I was tired - yes, but the ballin' and the dunkin' and those weird teradactyl's type beasts flying around got me in the spirit of hoopage. through the legs, taking the charge, goal tending, aggressive on the boards. No other mountain can empower you in this way, nay say you the himalayas - bah! the himagayas!. Look to the sky my friends, and if you shall see a golden hoop with a net of fine chinese silk- tis there, hoops mountain. swish!