Friday, April 24, 2009

Man vs. Animal

It may come as a big surprise to all 4 people who read this blog but I can get tremendously bored at times. When I get this way my mind tends to wander and my attention span is non existent. Most of this morning has been spent instant messaging (yeah I can instant message, want to make something of it?!?) this little monkey audible. He is extremely annoying and I take delight in that.

The other half of my morning has been spent imagining what it would be like for animals to fight people in really weird locals (you too? Sweet!). I figure that maybe we could get a little discussion going. I will kick it off with my dream animal vs man matchup.

Perez Hilton vs. An angry grizzly bear wearing gigantic boxing gloves.

The fight would be held in the Octagon and the mat will be covered with ice.

Three five minute rounds.

Anybody else have a good one?


AL ONION said...

The result of your listed battle would be a bloody pile of homocelb-gossip flesh stips. Especially after Perez insulted Mr. Grizzwalds Fur coat.

My selection would have to be a deathmatch between 8 de-venomized pit vipers vs. Martin Lawrence. The battlegourd is a - 9 foot deep deathpit; no weapons, no boots for head stomping. 8 rounds quaranteed.

It would be contest full of nasty puncture bites, hissing and martin making obnoxious noises and racially charged snake jokes. An exciting possibility is that if martin can get a good hold on a viper he can swing on into the audience for crowd involvemnt.

God I love blood on friday!!!

KELLEHER said...

I would love to lock Joe Buck and and Jim Rome inside the Louisiana Superdome with 23 Velosaraptors. I would say just put them together in a room with one... but it would be much more fun to watch them try to squirm away from 23 around the entire stadium.

Go Velosa! Earn your "kudos"! Go for the vocals!

Al said...

How about something involving these three?:

Anonymous said...

I would love seeing Perez inside octomom fighting a grizzly bear. Just pass the bud. bud lite that is.