Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some tips about lesbians

My good friend Lydia Calrissian and I have many conversations during the span of a normal work day. Of course we discuss politics, global affairs, television, and the general lameness of work. Don’t we all? More recently, I have been able to gain insight on another topic all together. I am learning the way of the Lesbian. Yes, Lydia is a lesbian, a very happily married lesbian I might add. She has begun to share with me some insights into the culture that I was not aware of. It turns out that being a lesbian carries with it an unwritten set of rules that I had no idea about, it’s kind of like baseball in that regard (head out of gutter perverts).

So without breaking the trust that I have gained I have been given permission to list a few of these unwritten rules. Some of my favorites from Lydia Calrissian include;

We can not make chocolate chip cookies.

It is looked down upon if you have seen the movie Land Before Time.

we don’t like musicals. We’re not gays. Unless the musical is about Home Depot

You have to drive an SUV of some sort

We can’t make your living room look pretty, but we’ll fix your tv

Incredible! Breaking down these walls has led to a new understanding for me. Hopefully it does for you too.


Lydia said...

hey, i found your blog through a random online research for "extreme sports" which led me to your dolphin rider entry. You are funny, I really enjoy reading your stuff! What industry do you work in?

Burt Destruction said...

I work in many industries. Please feel free to contact me through the site or at