Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trust no one

On this most evil of days you must not trust anyone. People are going to try and pull a fast one on you today if you don’t have you eyes open. Your old pal Burt has been duped numerous times on April fools day. But Burt, how could someone with such skill and mentally agility be fooled when you know it is coming? Well most of the time it had to do with me being blacked out drunk or on hallucinogens. The embarrassment of being duped has led me to two conclusions. One that I will never get got on April fools day again. Two, people are trying to fool me on other days of the year just to make up for today, but I am not falling for it. Just the other day the stripper (Cinnamon Kiss) I have been dating told me that she was pregnant! Good one Cinnamon, good one. You almost had me there for a second.

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