Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh how the tables have turned

This gentleman above me is Daniel Andreas San Diego. He is an environmental terrorist who was just put on the FBI's most wanted list for a series of bombings that he committed against "supposed" animal testing labs six years ago. You can read more about him here.

Here is how my thought process went as I read this story;

Oh boy here we go again...another hippie nut job

Well he can't be that bad...he is doing it to protect animals

On the other hand he is destroying public property with potentially lethal weapons

Is that my breath...oh man! has it been like that all day?

Now the table have turned my friend. It seems as though he who wanted to protect the animals has become the animal himself. Now forced to evade arrest it is you who have become the hunted. How ironically delicious!

I also thought about boobs somewhere in that time line but I am not sure where so I excluded it.

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