Monday, April 20, 2009

Lesson learned

Consistent reader and all around awesome dude Ricky Slade recently contacted me via the emails to direct my attention to “Missed Connections” on craigslist. Now I am familiar with the many different types of forums on craigslist but Ricky directed me to one in particular entry entitled To the woman that crapped in my car…

To summarize it very simply;

Boy takes girl on date

Boy and girl drink heavy beers and eat extreme tater tots

Girl sharts on ride home

Gentleman tells girl not to worry about it as it has happened to him

Wonders if it is a ploy to get out of date and commends her if it was

You really have to read it for yourself to truly understand the beauty of this person’s writing. At first I enjoyed a laugh from reading this post but then my mood changed. I really started to think about this situation and I think we can all learn from this.

NEVER. EVER. Trust a fart. As my granpappy used to say “trust a fart and you may end up in a world of shit.” Take those words into consideration the next time you think you can slowly leak one out. You may just end up like this poor young lady.

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